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Discover the local produce and the gastronomy of the Cotentin with Cotentin Tourism

Discover the local produce and the gastronomy of the Cotentin

The Cotentin is a land that is rich in history, but also in gastronomy and in local produce. When visiting the region, come and discover delicious products from the land of Normandy: biscuits, sparkling cider, fruit and vegetables, oysters, sea food, dairy products etc. Discover Cotentin Tourism’s selection of favorite local Normandy products.

The Cotentin, Normandy is a region where the local produce and gastronomy are ever present. As a result, we can find delicious biscuits, sparkling cider which is delicate in the mouth as well as fish and shellfish, and all of these treasures offer happiness with every mouthful.

A tasting excursion in the Cotentin is a voyage for your taste buds that you shouldn’t miss when you are in this region of Normandy. Discover the cider houses of Théo Capelle, the hams of Lessay and Lait Douceur de Normandie as well as the Maison du Biscuit. Some of them will open their doors to let you discover their traditions and their know-how.

Cotentin Tourism showcases sites from the Cotentin, by selecting professionals for their quality, their know-how and their products! Discover all the restaurant owners, all the gourmet shops and all the local producers of the region of Normandy that have been recommended by Cotentin Tourism.

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The Cotentin is a region where the local produce and the gastronomy are ever present and especially recognized by all the top chefs. Come and treat yourselves at the restaurant owners, the local producers and the gourmet shops selected by Cotentin Tourism.


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Here is our selection of professionals from the area of the Cotentin. Gourmets will find happiness in the Cotentin restaurants, biscuit manufacturers and cider houses and by pushing open the doors of the gourmet stores.

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The Cotentin is a region in which the terroir and gastronomy are very present and especially recognized by great chefs. Come and enjoy at the restaurants, local producers and delicatessens selected by Cotentin Tourism … Taste the local products and gastronomy of Normandy with the Cotentin Tourisme selection.